Impact Stories

Our community members are proud to share why they LIVE UNITED and what inspires them to make a difference in our community in the areas of health, education and financial stability. Featured are a few of the many stories...

"Having been a healthcare provider in Saginaw for 14 years, I am aware of the daunting task we face in reducing the burden of chronic disease and achieving population health equity. It has been quite invigorating to learn that United Way partners with and supports programs that promote healthy lifestyles in Saginaw County. By assisting people to make healthy choices - choosing nutritious food, increasing physical activity and decreasing the use of tobacco/alcohol - major health risk factors can be decreased. The success of these programs will be a big WIN for our patients and the healthcare providers in our community!" - Dr. Iris Marteja, Covenant HealthCare




"Being a part of the Education Change Team means being able to help students in need in our community. I believe that education is the framework and foundation for a child to become an active and contributing member of their community. I try to set a good example as a role model for my children by continuously learning and educating myself and giving back to others in the community where our family lives, works and plays." - Michelle Mitchell, Consumers Energy (pictured with Jeff, Benjamin and Andrew Mitchell)





 "Financial stability is important to me and our community because it provides people with information on how to better position themselves and their families for success.

Serving in this community gives me the opportunity to directly impact the area where I live. I see firsthand the obstacles and the struggles that are endured and I feel it is my responsibility to provide education and opportunities to those who have a desire to improve their lives." - Desmond Bibbs, PNC Bank







"The AmeriCorps program is so important for our community because it allows collaborations with agencies and schools, assisting them with expanding their services or simply assuring that the services continue. For me, AmeriCorps has given me a sense of pride in myself and my community. Through the program I have been able to provide information to individuals who didn't know how harmful and accessible alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are to our children. I am proud of Saginaw and what it is becoming - I am proud of the part that AmeriCorps plays in it." - Vera Harrison, former member



"To us, having Neighborhood House is a lot like having another home - the people here are family," said Daniel Morris, parent, coach and agency supporter. "This is a great, safe place for kids to go have fun, read, work on fundamentals and be a kid. I grew up here and am proud to have this here for my kids," added Daniel. His son Jayden also enjoys attending the after school program. Although Jayden's favorite thing to do at Neighborhood House is play basketball, he also enjoys reading books from their library. "I am very proud of Jayden who is only 9 but already reading at a 7th grade level. It is so good to have a place where my son can continue to learn, grow and be safe," added Daniel. The Morris family received assistance from mentors and a safe place to learn thanks to an after school program hosted at Neighborhood House, on the many affiliated programs you support with your gift to United Way.


The VITA program represents a collaboration of dedicated individuals and groups such as Frankenmuth Credit Union that strive towards helping community members become financially stable. "It's all about community. Our communities we serve are the heart and soul of Frankenmuth Credit Union and that has always been our focus. VITA is one of those things we can do fro our communities and the people that live in them, to help them survive and thrive" - Vickie Schmitzer, Frankenmuth Credit Union