2015 Campaign

People can live their best when they are educated, healthy and financially stable. Once people have a balance of these three areas, they are able to build a thriving community.

Because of your investment in the community, United Way of Saginaw County can collaborate with local businesses and nonprofits to ensure people facing educational, financial or health crises are easily connected to the resources they need to return to stable ground. Once thriving, these same people can then become advocates, leading their friends and family down the same path.

Does your organization or business run a United Way campaign? Do you need supplies to help you run an effective campaign? Contact our office at 989.755.0505 ext. 214 to make sure you have everything you need to run an outstanding 2015 United Way campaign. UNITED TOGETHER we can create a better tomorrow for Saginaw County! Join us today and help make our Saginaw County community a better place for all!