Youth Service Days

Twice a year, United Way of Saginaw County along with many other local organizations organize service day events for Saginaw County high school students. During these days, we invite representatives from each school to help us make a difference in our community.
The students arrive at the YMCA in the morning for registration and breakfast. After going over a few quick procedures and policies, the students are mixed into groups with students from all different walks of life. After a quick icebreaker, the students are bused by SISD Transportation to their work sites. The students spend the day learning about new people, new trades and new skills as they work alongside community leaders and master gardeners. The students are able to put aside all their mixed feelings, school and sports rivalries, and come together for one purpose - to make a difference in our community.
Not only do these students make a difference in the community, they also learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills that we hope they will utilize to their fullest potential now and throughout their future. Events like these are designed to show the youth that when you reach out a hand to someone you truly do INFLUENCE the condition of all. If it wasn’t for your community support, we would not be able to help guide and mold these students into becoming our future leaders of tomorrow.