About Us

100 Years of Community Change

The United Way of Saginaw County is a volunteer-directed nonprofit operated by a trained staff. The United Way connects funding to important programming in the areas of health, education, and financial stability. But we are more than just fundraisers. We are the hand raisers. We are the game changers. We are the stop-talking and start-doing and take on the impossible taskmasters. United, we fight for every Saginaw resident to live a healthy life. United, we fight for every individual and family to move towards long-term financial stability. United, we fight for every student to graduate ready to be a successful contributor to society. We fight for those who do not have a voice. 
Change Doesn't Happen Alone
The United Way makes it easy to give to all the causes that matter within a community. We rely on numerous small donations to create meaningful change in the areas of Health, Education, and Financial Stability. We ensure that all money donated to us is used in the most efficient and effective manner. United Way volunteers investigate the needs within our community and ensure United Way dollars are distributed to programs that work to address core issues within the community. By giving, advocating, and volunteering, we can all work towards achieving the vision of a vibrant Saginaw County community where all families can thrive. We have one life. To live better, we must Live United. 
Community Impact Strategy History
As of January 2014, United Way of Saginaw County (UWSC) initiated the Community Impact Strategy which allows the organization to become more collaborative and better focused on community-driven outcomes, thus building a stronger community.
The United Way facilitates community partnerships, administers grants and implements programs designed to achieve outcomes in the areas of Health, Education and Financial Stability. These programs allow UWSC and their partners to unite together, enhancing capacity and adding value to the community.

Additionally, to further their Community Impact Strategy, UWSC's funding progressed from a closed allocations process to an open, more inclusive Community Impact Strategy. This new model allowed any 501(c)(3) health and human service provider that services Saginaw County residents to submit a program proposal.

Community Change Team (CCT) volunteers, representing all walks of life, created community-wide goals for each of the three Community Impact Areas, and program proposals were encouraged to identify with an Impact Area as well as explain how that program would provide attainable outcomes to the community-wide goals.

The volunteers were also responsible for evaluating the impact of the program, assessing program capabilities and prioritizing the program based on the previously defined, community-driven outcomes.