VITA Makes a Difference in Saginaw County

         At a recent luncheon, we honored the achievement of 60 income tax  volunteers who are part of our VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program. During the 2011 tax year, the 60 VITA volunteers spent more than 4,300 hours helpng 2,928 clients, and together completed more than 5,745 returns. In total, more than $3.4 million was brought back to the Saginaw County community through the work of these committed volunteers and the VITA program!
        VITA volunteer Kay Brzak says of her experience, "It is so rewarding volunteering for the VITA program. I truly feel as though I am having a direct positive impact on the lives of people in Saginaw County."

        Many volunteers share Brzak's passion for volunteering for the VITA program and serving their community. In fact, most of the volunteers come back each year to be part of the VITA program and share their time and talents. Nancy Baumgartner, Carolyn Cardinal, Eve Hirsch, Janet Roekle, Tim Slezak, Jackie Ward and Barbara Witkowski receive special recognition for their extraordinary dedication ranging from 12-28 years of service to the program.
        We would like to thank all of our extraordinary VITA volunteers for being so dedicated and committed to serving Saginaw County. You've impacted many lives with your talent and hard work, and we appreciate you! We hope, and look forward to, seeing you all again next year.
         For more information on the VITA program or to become involved, please contact Marsha Cooley at (989)755-0505, ext.203.