Campaign Update - Frankenmuth Insurance

On October 4, Frankenmuth Insurance wrapped up their very successful campaign in a unique and exciting way - they had a high stakes game of Family Feud. Modeled after the classic game show, "families" of staff members faced off against each other to answer survey questions and gain points. Charismatic hosts, Jason Farmer and Matt Stamper, even presented "commercials" in vintage style - such as the "Where's the Beef?" lady. As an added level of competition, throughout the month, the six teams also strived to raise the most points through pledging, participation and fundraisers. At the end of the month, the two families with the most points went head-to-head on their company fun day. The overall winning team now has bragging rights in their office and the pleasure of displaying their gnome trophy for the year. "Gnomeo," as he is affectionately called, is signed by the winning team each year before being passed on.