Thank you Citizens Bank for their generous corporate donation of $15,000.

Posted at: 11-21-2012- 2:43 pm

The staff at Gardey Financial Advisors really made "change" happen in their workplace. Their campaign manager, Lucia Gardey, prepared "Be the Change" cups for each staff member to collect daily pocket change. Her rules provided that both coiuns and bills would be considered change. The staff was divided into two teams and whichever team was able to raise the most money after one week had to treat the losing team to a potluck lunch.

Posted at: 11-02-2012- 12:02 pm

Wildfire Credit Union tried a few new events this year to help  kick-off their United Way campaign. Employees competed in a chili cook-off and "sweet treats" bake sale. For the chili cook-off, employees brought in chili to be judged. Their co-workers then paid $5 to try the different kinds. Each person who donated also received a vote to help decide the office champion. Congratulations to Caryn Pennell...

Posted at: 10-31-2012- 2:03 pm

Consumers Energy employees in Saginaw set a goal of raising $1,500 in special event fundraising this year as part of their United Way campaign. The employees proudly reported back that they were able to surpass that goal raising a total of $1,675 in special event fundraising. The employees generated campaign excitement and extra donations by hosting a drawing for two front row parking spots, selling breakfast burritos, having a football toss game and...

Posted at: 10-23-2012- 11:47 am

On October 4, Frankenmuth Insurance wrapped up their very successful campaign in a unique and exciting way - they had a high stakes game of Family Feud. Modeled after the classic game show, "families" of staff members faced off against each other to answer survey questions and gain points. Charismatic hosts, Jason Farmer and Matt Stamper, even presented "commercials" in vintage style - such as the "Where's the Beef?" lady. As an added level of...

Posted at: 10-12-2012- 2:55 pm

Employees at Hemlock Semiconductor participated in a "Dunk Your Leaders" fundraiser. In total they raised more than $2,600 towards their campaign goal. Leaders had to have $100 in their jar before they could qualify to go into the tank. From there employees could purchase balls in an attempt to dunk their leader.



Posted at: 10-02-2012- 5:07 pm