Historical Information



Be the One" was the theme for the 2016 campaign. Kathy Stewart from the Saginaw Intermediate School District served as the Campaign Chair. As a way to draw excitement towards the campaign season, the 1st Annual Saginaw's Most Stylish event was held and raised more than $42,000 for local literacy and educational programs. The STEM AmeriCorps program was introduced as a new Community Impact program. Morley sponsored a "Create Your Own Getaway" raffle which helped raise more than $10,000. Campaign results were announced in May 2017 at the Annual Meeting. More than 29,000 people were served in 2016, $6,359,689 leveraged back to the community and $1,909,691 was raised for the Saginaw County community.





United Together for a Better Tomorrow" was the theme for the 2015 campaign. Linda Sims from Saginaw Valley State University served as the Campaign Chair and Kathy Stewart from the Saginaw Intermediate School District assisted as the Campaign Vice Chair. Larry Sims was hired as President/CEO after Cherrie Benchley retired. The campaign kick-off was paired with the Light Up the City Saginaw crime-prevention initiative's closing event. Campaign results were announced in May at the Annual Meeting. More than 23,000 lives were impacted and the campaign raised $1,868,000 for the Saginaw County community.




United Together" was this year's campaign theme and Craig Goslin from the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club, served as the campaign chair again this year. Craig was assisted by Linda Sims from Consumers Energy as the Campaign Vice Chair. The campaign was kicked-off celebrating the organization's 95th Anniversary and a breakfast was hosted at the Saginaw Club. A 95th Anniversary Challenge was sponsored by 11 local organizations and will provided $95,000 when United Way of Saginaw County received $95,000 in new or increased (by 10% or greater) donations. The challenge allowed for donors, at any level, to participate and raised $184,000 towards the $2.3 milliong goal. The total campaign exceeded goal and resulted in $2,302,733 for the community.




Give Today, Change Tomorrow" was this year's campaign theme and Craig Goslin from the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club, served as campaign chair. Craig was assisted by Linda Sims from Consumers Energy as the Campaign Vice Chair. The campaign raised $2,144,689. The campaign total included funds from the 5th annual SVSU 5K for United Way, and 2nd Annual Disney World Raffle ($11,400) sponsored by Morley. Each of the community impact programs continued throughout the year. 32 programs at 19 partnering agencies were funded. The campaign kicked-off at the 1st Annual Community SPIRIT Night at the Dow Event Center in partnership with the Saginaw Spirit Hockey game. Covenant HealthCare sponsored the Community SPIRIT challenge to encourage new or increased leadership donations. When the community raised $25,000 in new or increased donations, Covenant HealthCare matched that gift.




"Be the Change" was this year's campaign theme, and Jeff Martin from The Dow Chemical Company, served as campaign chair. Craig Goslin, Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club served as the Vice Chair. The campaign raised $2,273,163. The Dow Chemical Company sponsored the Dow New Leaders Challenge - when UWSC raised $25,000 in new or increased leadership donations, the community received a $25,000 match from The Dow Chemical Company. The campaign kick-off was held at The Dow Event Center and included a performance from the First Ward LACER group. The campaign total included funds from the 5th annual Step Up Marathon, 9th Annual Jason Richardson Golf Classic and SVSU's 4th Annual Cardinal Family 5K for United Way. Morley donated a Disney World round trip vacation to be raffled off, raising $13,235. Each of the community impact programs continued throughout the year. 32 programs at 19 partnering agencies were funded.




“LIVE UNITED. This is OUR Community." was the campaign theme and John Kunitzer, Yeo & Yeo Business Consultants & CPAs served as campaign chair. The campaign raised $2,312,637. The campaign total included funds from the 5th Annual Step Up Marathon, 8th Annual Jason Richardson Golf Classic and SVSU's 3rd Annual Family 5K. Each of the community impact programs contined throughout the year. UWSC continued funding 32 programs at our 19 partnering agencies.




“Think WE Before ME” was the campaign theme and Jim Cross, Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, led the campaign. The campaign raised $2,319,279. Several new community impact programs were added this year. An AmeriCorps Substance Abuse Prevention Program was started with grant dollars, allowing 20 AmeriCorps members to be placed at 5 service sites. Project HOME (Household Occupancy Maintained Efficiently) was created, using grant dollars to provide housing and utility assistance. The Dolly Parton Foundation’s Imagination Library program was started in Saginaw County and funded by an individual donation.




Once again the community chose to “LIVE UNITED”. Ellen Crane, Braun, Kendrick, Finkbeiner P.L.C., served as campaign chair. The campaign raised $2,507,747 which included funds from the 1st Annual Bunco Tournament; the 6th Annual Jason Richardson Golf Classic; the 3rd Annual Step Up Marathon; and an unexpected endowed gift from the Raymond & Monica Schultz family. SVSU’s 1st Annual Family 5K was held with proceeds benefiting United Way. Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce, United Way held its campaign kick-off in conjunction with Business After Hours.



“LIVE UNITED. Give. Advocate. Volunteer.” was the theme this year. Jim VanTiflin, Citizens Bank, served as campaign chair for United Way. The campaign raised $2,403,973 which included $25,000 raised from the 5th Annual Jason Richardson Golf Classic.




“When We All Work Together… We Get Results” was the theme this year. Craig Douglas, Carrollton Public Schools, served as campaign chair for United Way. The campaign raised $2,403,831 which included $25,000 raised from the 4th Annual Jason Richardson Golf Classic. 1st Annual Step Up for United Way fundraiser was held at the YMCA. The 1st Annual Lloyd J. Yeo Community Involvement Award was presented to Yeo & Yeo.




The Board of Directors’ name Cherrie J. Benchley as President/CEO of United Way of Saginaw County. Art Lewis of WSGW served as campaign chair for the “Invest in Community Impact” campaign that raised $2,322,158. The 1st Annual Project Independence Blitz Build was hosted with our labor partners to construct and install mobility ramps.





Gerald D. Little retires as President/CEO of United Way of Saginaw County. The Board of Directors’ name Vice President Cherrie J. Benchley as Interim President/CEO. Herb Spence of Spence Brothers served as campaign chair and cheerleader for the “Invest in Community Impact” campaign that raised $2,745,820. Volunteer START (Students Towards A Responsible Tomorrow) was funded by the H.R. Wickes Foundation was created, allowing students to apply for volunteer grant funding.




“What Matters… Commitment Matters” was the theme this year. Larry Sims of Saginaw Bay Underwriters served as Chairman of the Board. Richard J. Garber, a 3rd generation volunteer for United Way, served as campaign chair for United Way’s 85th anniversary year. Several incentive prizes including a Projection TV, DVD Recorder, Digital Camera and home theater system were sponsored by Garber Buick and purchased from Sears at reduced prices. Morley Travel also donated 2 tickets to anywhere in the U.S. An 85th anniversary quilt was hand made by the quilters guild and raffle tickets were sold. NBA Star – Jason Richardson gave the single highest donation in the United Way history of $100,000 to help support the community. The campaign raised $2,950,717. The 1st Annual Golf Classic was held with Jason Richardson hosting.




“Building Our Community, Block by Block” is again this year’s campaign theme. Fred Fraizer of St. Mary’s Hospital serves as campaign chair, raising $3,041,973 in campaign dollars.




Gerald D. Little is hired to be the President/CEO of United Way of Saginaw County replacing Virginia D. Heighes. Larry Sims of Saginaw Bay Underwriters serves as campaign chair. “Building Our Community, Block by Block” is the campaign theme, raising $3,262,468 in campaign dollars.




A new initiative is begun in United Way of Saginaw County with the Young America Cares youth volunteer program. United Way of Saginaw County relocates to the 3rd floor of the Jefferson One Building. This year’s campaign, “Together We Can Create” raises $3,264,139 under campaign chair Rick Lane of the Saginaw Intermediate School District. This was a difficult year for the campaign. Many donors sent their donations directly to New York agencies serving those persons directly affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Ellen Crane of Braun Kendrick Finkbeiner serves as Fund Distribution Chair and Steve Schlicht of Delphi Chassis Systems is selected as Board Chair.




Virginia D. Heighes is hired to serve as President/CEO of United Way Saginaw County replacing Mark A. Wagner. Charles Gilfeather of Braun Kendrick Finkbeiner et al is selected as Chairman of the Board. “Choices That Matter, Caring That Counts” is the campaign theme under campaign chair Gary Glaza of Citizens Bank. The annual campaign raises $3,500,094. Fund Distribution Chair is Ken Bublitz of GM Powertrain.




“BELIEVE…Strong Commitment, Strong Community” is the campaign theme for this year under campaign chair Tom Begin of Consumers Energy. The campaign raises $3,735,399. Jim Goetz remains Chairman of the Board. Fund Distribution Chair for this year is Steve Schlicht. Voluntary Action Center merges with United Way of Saginaw County to become the United Way Volunteer Center. First Call For Help, formerly known as Information & Referral is developed. United Way of Saginaw County along with United Way Bay County receive a three year $300,000 challenge grant from the Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation to support expanded leadership and planned gift development. Each year $100,000 is available between these two United Ways to invest in their respective endowment fund.




The annual campaign raises $3,716,198 under chair Al Scargall of GM Powertrain Division. Jim Goetz of Merrill Lynch continues as Chairman of the Board. The new campaign theme becomes, “With Teamwork Anything is Possible”.




Mark A. Wagner is hired as President/CEO replacing Christine Castellanos. “The Power of U” is the campaign theme under campaign chair Dr. Foster Gibbs, Superintendent of the Saginaw Public School District. Jim Goetz of Merrill Lynch becomes Chairman of the Board and United Way raises $3,642,997 in its annual campaign.




Dave Roche of the Michigan Sugar Company continues as Board Chair and the campaign theme “Reaching Those Who Need Help – Touching Us All” is used for the third consecutive year. The United Way campaign raises $3,534,554 under campaign chair Nick Cilfone of Citizens Bank.




United Way Campaign raises $3,560,350 under campaign chair Nick Cilfone of Citizens Bank. Dave Roche of Michigan Sugar Company is selected as the new Board Chairman. United Way of Saginaw County moves from the Main Floor of the Bancroft Building on East Genesee to the sixth floor of the Great Lakes Bancorp Building at 100 S. Jefferson.




Christine Castellanos is hired as President, replacing Craig A. Chancellor. United Way celebrates its 75th birthday. United Way Campaign raised $3,572,516 under chair Bob Zeilinger of Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems. Campaign theme for this year’s campaign is, “Reaching Those Who Need Help – Touching Us All”. Lloyd Yeo of Yeo & Yeo CPA’s continues as Board Chair.




United Way Campaign raised $3,437,985 under the chairmanship of Grant Schaefer of Schaefer Technologies. Lloyd Yeo, of Yeo and Yeo, PC replaces Kenneth C. Abbenante as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Angela Rudy serves as Chairman of the Fund Distribution Committee.




The United Way Campaign raised $3,335,875 under the chairmanship of Jim Goetz. The Mitten Bay Girl Scout Council is accepted into Affiliate Membership with the United Way of Saginaw County. The Saginaw County Alcoholism Information Center merges with PAYS Program of the Youth Protection Council. The Saginaw County Association for Retarded Citizens changed their name to The ARC. The Sexual Assault Crisis Center for Child and Family Services expanded their services and changed their name to Victims Intervention Program. A Fund Distribution Study Committee was formed to review and revise the Fund Distribution Process.




The United Way raised $3,713,005 under the chairmanship of Vera Hanisko. The Allocations and Budget Committee becomes the Fund Distribution Committee. The Harry S. Lund Award is given to Jean Grey. A Marketing Committee is developed. The United Way changes its fiscal year to a calendar year. Faye Hutchinson serves as the Fund Distribution Committee Chair.




United Way Campaign raised $3,501,648. David Roche of Michigan Sugar serves as Campaign Chair. The Harry S. Lund Award is given to Curtis White. United Way completes a ten-year strategic plan. Emmett Waier serves as Chairman of the Allocations and Budget Committee. Kenneth C. Abbenante replaces David Wierman as Chairman of the Board of Directors.




United Way Campaign raised $3,507,000 under the leadership of Danny Dambro. The Genesee Food Bank is accepted into Affiliate Membership. The Harry S. Lund Award is given to Elmer Braun. The United Way of Saginaw County completes its second community needs assessment.




United Way's Campaign raised $3,330,467. David Wierman replaces Margaret E. Clark as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Craig A. Chancellor is hired as President, replacing Paul Novak. Ted Braun receives the Harry S. Lund Award.




United Way of Saginaw County Campaign's raised $3,232,939. Leadership Giving Program is initiated with 64 contributions of $1000 or more. Mr. E.B. Morley was the Harry S. Lund Volunteer Award recipient. Valley Organization for Improved Communication and Equality (VOICE) of the Speech and Hearing Impaired and the Sickle Cell Program of the Community Action Center are accepted into Affiliate Membership. Margaret E. Clark replaces Curtis E. White as Chairman of the Board of Directors, the first woman to serve in this position.




United Way of Saginaw County Campaign raises $3,302,986; a goal is not announced. The Needs Assessment is completed. The United Way of Saginaw County Board sets aside $100,000 in a demonstration grant fund for programs addressing the most pressing community needs. They also make a special $100,000 allocation to flood relief efforts of the American Red Cross.




Robert H. Tiderington received the Harry S. Lund Volunteer Award. The United Way of Saginaw County Board of Directors approved the establishment of an A & B Volunteer Award. The award was established to recognize the efforts of A & B Committee Volunteers and to promote the importance of the United Way’s Citizen’s Review Process. After a 65-year relationship, Mitten Bay Girl Scout Council and United Way of Saginaw County jointly announce the Mitten Bay Girl Scout Council will not be a part of the United Way package effective January, 1986. The agency will become a non-funded United Way agency. United Way of Saginaw County under the leadership of James Jameson, Jameson Corporation, embarks on a county-wide human services needs assessment. UWSC contracted with the Center for Government Research, Central Michigan University, to conduct the needs assessment. Sally Bowen and William C. Clynes are appointed to a two year term as A & B Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. Under the campaign leadership of Richard V. Stumph, Director of Engineering/Reliability, Central Foundry, volunteers raised $3,301,785 – 100.16% of goal. The Underground Railroad applied for admission and is admitted on a one-year grant basis.




Lois M. Herbage, Associate Executive/Special Projects retires after 21 years of service to the United Way of Saginaw County. United Way of Saginaw County Planning and Allocations Department begins exploration into a county-wide needs assessment. Curtis E. White, United Way of Saginaw County 1st Vice President replaces Charles F. Brown as United Way of Saginaw County President. Julius Sutto completed 3 years of service as Chairman of the A & B Committee. Saginaw Community Foundation is established and housed in United Way of Saginaw County offices; United Way of Saginaw County negotiates contractual arrangement with the Saginaw Community Foundation. The Perfect Place Women’s Shelter closes after 7 years of service. Norman D. Osborne received the Harry S. Lund Volunteer Award. Under the Campaign leadership of David D. Wierman, Publisher of The Saginaw News, volunteers raised $3,200,262 – 101% of goal. This represents the most funds ever raised in the 28 year history of the United Way of Saginaw County Campaign. Rape Crisis Center applies for membership and is admitted as a program of Child and Family Services. Saginaw Valley Special Needs Clinic is awarded funding on a one-year grant basis. United Way of Saginaw County/Saginaw Community Chest celebrates 65 years of service.




GM and UAW launch the Care and Share program in Saginaw to provide food for the needy. Nordhaus Research, Inc. conducts survey for United Way to obtain perceptions and attitudes from the general public about the United Way of Saginaw County. United Way in conjunction with the Saginaw County Medical Society offers a new program to provide health care to the unemployed. Charles F. Brown, Regional General Manager of Consumers Power Company replaces Hugo E. Braun as President of United Way Board of Directors. Raymond J. Schultz, Divisional Director of Engineering for Saginaw Steering Gear is elected Campaign Chairman. Campaign goal is lowered for the second consecutive year due to the county’s unstable economy. The Take Part Program – a year-round communications approach to United Way in the workplace is expanded to other local firms. Loaned Executives for the first time, solicited area businesses for the annual campaign drive. The 27th successful campaign is completed, volunteers raised $2,962,123 – 103% of goal. The $22,500 grant to the Saginaw County Cancer Association is discontinued. Cancer grant funds for patient services are awarded to Visiting Nurse Association. Hospice merges with Visiting Nurse Association. United Way sells Y.W.C.A. to the Wolverine Baptist Convention.




Shirley A. Iler completes three-year term as Chairman of the A & B Committee. Julius Sutto is new Chairman. United Way revises By-laws. Long Range Planning Committee established. Saginaw County Information Center on Alcoholism withdraws from affiliation with the United Way. SCICA accepted as sub-contract program of Youth Service. $119,309 allocated by the United Way of Saginaw County to meet Emergency Assistance needs. David D. Gillespie, General Manager of Wickes Engineered Materials was named General Campaign Chairman. Shirley A. Iler received the Harry S. Lund Volunteer Award. United Way takes more of an active role in coordinating Saginaw emergency assistance efforts. United Way cut its 1982-83 goal by 7% due to the poor economy in Saginaw County. Volunteers raised $2,961,547 – 100.17% of the campaign goal. United Way resumes offices in the Bancroft Building at 118 East Genesee. Y.W.C.A. discontinues operation. Big Sisters merged with Big Brothers.




Hugo E. Braun, Jr. (Ted) is elected United Way President. Unemployment is at 14% yet the United Way volunteers raised $3,179,055, 100.2% of goal for the twenty-fifth successful campaign goal achievement. As an indicator of the economy, the United Way’s Emergency Assistance fund was tapped for $101,532 by the Salvation Army for food, shelter and clothing needs for persons who had no other source to turn to. This compared to $56,915 provided in 1980. Thomas J. Hetherman, Executive Vice President since 1957 retires on August 31. Paul Novak, Campaign Director, takes over as Executive Vice President on September 1.




Overcoming a downturn in the economy, the campaign volunteers raised $3,110,299 or 100.3% of goal. Executive Vice President Thomas J. Hetherman directs his 24th successful campaign in Saginaw.




Begun in 1970, the Youth Council’s Tom Dooley Campaign, which raised $31,000, is used to establish a clinical laboratory and medical library in Pokhana, Nepal. Thomas J. Hetherman, Executive Vice President, celebrated 30 years of United Way service – including 23 years in Saginaw. Saginaw County Cancer Association receives grant of up to $30,000 for services to cancer victims. Neighborhood House broke ground on their new $876,000 building. Option to buy the Saginaw Conference Center given to Rosenberg, Freeman and Associates of Ann Arbor who plan to renovate the property for elderly housing. United Way would continue to be housed in the structure for a minimal rental fee.




First three million dollar campaign goal is reached. Capital Fund Campaign raises $2,010,645 for improvements to Y.M.C.A. and First Ward Community Service. St. Vincent becomes self-supporting. Rosenberg, Freeman and Associates are given the option to purchase the Bancroft Hotel property.




The Perfect Place, a temporary crisis facility for women, receives a $45,000 grant and reopens as a program administered by Child and Family Services. $7,500 is pledged to sponsor Tel-Med system in cooperation with the Saginaw County Health Department. $25,000 grant is approved for emergency assistance to families in crisis situation.




Twentieth consecutive, successful campaign realized. The Perfect Place for Women applies for membership. Y.W.C.A. Special Study Committee is appointed.




United Way Outstanding Volunteer of the Year award is established in memory of Harry S. Lund and his years of volunteer leadership on the Allocation and Budget Committee. Mary B. Karls is selected the first winner. For the first time, fifteen Pacesetter Campaigns were held prior to the general campaign.




St. Vincent Home receives final $105,000 of the United Way’s capital fund total commitments of $540,000 toward the new facility. $5,000 grant is made to Mental Health Service Board for a drug detoxification program.




Public schools assume preschool program formerly operated by Saginaw County Association for Retarded Children. Saginaw County Association for Retarded Children hires a Home Nursing Consultant. Michigan Community Blood Center and the American Red Cross cooperate to form the Saginaw Valley Blood Program.




Big Sisters and the Volunteer Bureau are admitted as member agencies. Saginaw Community Chest/United Fund votes to change its name to the United Way of Saginaw County. First two million dollar campaign goal is reached.




Big Sisters apply for membership. Combined Federal Campaign was developed to allow for solicitation of federal employees on a payroll deduction basis.




Youth Council launches the Tom Dooley Campaign to buy a hospital boat for Southeast Asia. A Combined Capital Fund Campaign was initiated to raise $1.5 million for agency housing and renovation. Saginaw Community Chest moves to the Saginaw Conference Center (Bancroft Hotel).




70 agencies supported by Community Chest. Old St. Vincent’s Orphans Home torn down. United Fund celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.




Saginaw Conference Center, Inc. purchases Hotel Bancroft properties to provide central housing for local member agencies. Job counseling and placement program for Inner City residents established at First Ward Community Service Center.




Capital funds division established. Campaign of $4,500,000 proposed. Model Cities planning undertaken. Inner City Development projects in Group Work and Recreation established.




Salvation Army approved to conduct $360,000 capital funds campaign for new Eventide Home.




United Fund sponsors local “War on Poverty” effort under the Community Action Committee and assists in initial planning. Tri-County Center, Inc. and Lutheran Children’s Friend Society admitted on a grant basis. Alcoholism Information Center admitted to membership.




Y.M.C.A. capital fund campaign for $800,000 begins. Saginaw Valley Rehabilitation Center admitted to membership.




Y.W.C.A. begins $1,000,000 capital fund drive for a new building.




Campaign tops one million dollars for first time in history. Saginaw Community Clinic admitted to membership. Girl Scouts in thirteen counties merged to form Mitten Bay Council.




Y.M.C.A. completes construction of new $2,600,000 building. Arnold and Gertrude Boutell Memorial Fund established.




Social Services Exchange terminated. Children’s Home closed.




Campaign reaches 104% of goal. Saginaw County Association for Retarded Children admitted to membership. Saginaw Community Council dissolved and a Planning Division established as a part of the Community Chest.




Agency membership reaches fifty-seven. Campaign passes goal by $70,000. Children’s Home and Family Society merge.




Saginaw Community Chest assumes the responsibility and obligations of the Saginaw United Chest and the Saginaw County Health and Welfare Fund. United Fund of Saginaw County adopted as campaign name. Thomas J. Hetherman becomes Executive Vice President.




Saginaw Valley Child Guidance Clinic, Saginaw Chapter-American Red Cross, and Big Brothers of Saginaw admitted to membership. Central agency housing proposed.




Labor Staff program adopted for Saginaw United Chest. Youth Council established.




Consolidation of Saginaw United Chest, Community Chest, and United Fund investigated. Saginaw Osteopathic Hospital accepted for associated membership.




Campaign passes the half-million dollar mark for the first time in history. Red Cross included in distribution. Saginaw Tuberculosis Society withdraws.




Community Service Institute for labor established.




Joint campaign continued. Pledges increased over previous year. Saginaw Community Council replaces Social Planning Council and receives staff funds from the Community Chest for the first time.




Neighborhood house accepted for membership. Saginaw United Chest created to conduct a joint campaign for the Community Chest and the United Health and Welfare Fund.




Saginaw Community Chest celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. Saginaw County War Board dissolved and surplus of $160,000 turned over to the Community Chest. New St. Luke’s Hospital begins construction.




$25,000 additional pledged by Community Chest to St. Luke’s Building Fund, bringing total to $100,000.




Children’s Ward at Saginaw General Hospital established in memory of Edward C. Mershon whose will contained a bequest to the Community Chest for that purpose.




Saginaw Community Chest resumes its own campaign functions. Campaign is oversubscribed. Saginaw Valley Child Guidance Clinic admitted to membership.




V.E. and V.J. days celebrated. Saginaw County War Board continues community-wide campaign for Community Chest and War Appeal funds.




Saginaw Community Chest celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary. St. Luke’s Hospital fund established with $340,000 pledged from various community sources. In twenty-five years, the Community Chest had appropriated $1,200,000 for capital improvements.




Saginaw recognized as the only community in the country which has financed capital buildings through its Community Chest. Capital gifts to Saginaw General Hospital total $518,755.59, St. Mary’s Hospital $520,447.72, St. Luke’s Hospital $38,053.67. Property and buildings acquired for First Ward Community Service Center. George H. Boyd dies.




Saginaw County War Board established drawing heavily upon Community Chest leadership. A single campaign conducted under War Board auspices doubles amount raised in 1941.




“Home-front” Community Chest drive exceeds goal despite war relief appeals and higher tax bills. Agencies feel affects of war-time conditions with increased demand for services.




George H. Boyd named Honorary President after serving as president for fifteen years.




Community Chest celebrated twentieth anniversary.




Saginaw Welfare League changes to Saginaw Community Chest, Inc. Campaign falls far below agency budgets. Agencies number 20.




St. Luke’s Hospital admitted to membership. Council of Social Agencies established for community social planning.




First Ward Community Service Center, a settlement house, incorporated and accepted for membership representing a consolidation of efforts previously carried out by the Junior League and the Sarah E. Turner League.




Campaign workers number more than 1,000. Agencies show 20% increase in services. Campaign goal met.




Addition to City Rescue Mission approved. Welfare League recognized nationally for its excellence of operation and policy. Campaign is oversubscribed.




Bank holiday declared. Welfare League forced to borrow and sell investments to finance agency operations. Campaign is successful. Saginaw is the only city in Michigan to meet its goal.




Depression affects campaign. Agency budgets pared. Lutheran Inner Mission Society accepted for membership. Women’s Hospital becomes St. Luke’s Hospital.




Visiting Nurses Association admitted to membership. Campaign goal exceeded.




Nearly $3,000,000 given to Welfare League since its beginning, two-thirds    going to maintain member agencies, with the remainder used for capital construction. Net campaign costs for the period were less than 1%. First Ward Community Center established.




City Rescue Mission admitted to membership. Number of contributors increased 75% over previous year. Free hospital service to 836 patients exceeds $45,000 of Welfare League Funds.




Nearly $1,000,000 disbursed for buildings, equipment and furnishings over the previous eight years. St. Mary’s renovation and addition completed.




Construction begun on an 80-bed addition to St. Mary’s Hospital with $400,000 pledge from the Welfare League. C.K. Eddy Family Memorial Fund established under provisions of Arthur D. Eddy’s will.




St. Vincent’s Orphans Home celebrates fiftieth anniversary. Boy Scouts were given Camp Rotary on Lake Beebe. Y.M.C.A. receives a summer camp on Cranberry Lake from Latham A. Burrows. Saginaw Welfare League Founder Arthur D. Eddy dies.




Building fund established for the Home for the Friendless, later called Children’s Home. The Shriners donated and equipped psychopathic ward at Saginaw General.




St. Vincent’s Orphans Home received as a bequest from Daniel Cavanaugh an 80-acre farm west of Saginaw. Saginaw Society for Crippled Children begins first year of operation.




Saginaw General completed and dedicated. Building fund established for St. Mary’s. Modernization approved for Y.M.C.A. building.




Boy Scouts accepted for membership. The Juvenile Home was established by the Civic League and received building funds from the Welfare League.




Adopted a building program for the three hospitals (Saginaw General, St. Mary’s, and Women’s) and authorized the construction of a $600,000 100-bed addition to Saginaw General.




Saginaw Welfare League organized October 14, 1919, to consolidate the financial support of the various charitable institutions of the city.