Labor Partnerships

Labor's commitment to our communities and the United Way is part of our history. For more than 55 years, the United Way and Labor Organizations have stood as partners. That partnership serves as the foundation of Saginaw County by helping to provide health and human services to all those in need.

The United Way of Saginaw needs your continued support. We are asking that you consider becoming a Labor Leads donor. Labor Leads membership is an elite group that consists of union members representing 12 different unions, who all choose to THINK WE BEFORE ME.

It's a program honoring members of labor organizations who support local human service programs through their donations of $250 or more annually to the United Way of Saginaw County (including designated contributions). Membership in Labor Leads helps create a chapter in our history for our children, our families and our communities. Please choose to make a difference in Saginaw County - become a Labor Leads donor.
Labor Leads Categories
  • $250 - $499   Bronze
  • $500 - $749   Silver
  • $750 - $999   Gold
  • $1,000 and over  - Platinum




For more information on the partnership between the labor unions and United Way, please contact Steve Lamb @ (989) 755-0505 ext. 204.