One Week One Street


The residents of Harold Street were pleased to see a collaboration of groups working together to clean up and fix homes in their area. "One Week One Street" is a week-long project hosted in June, designed to help residents in the city of Saginaw.

Between the areas of Genesee Avenue and Bagley Street, Harold Street was busy with hundreds of volunteers giving back and LIVING UNITED. The homes were impacted by the efforts of volunteers through painting, cleaning debris and minor repairs.

United Way Labor Liaison, Steve Lamb, helped recruit local union volunteers to get more involved with this project. In addition to the cleanup efforts, UAW Local 699 Community Service members got involved by building a pavilion and playground for the residents of Harold Street.

"It's great to have labor involved with projects like this because our union members are always eager to lend their muscle while giving back," said Lamb. "This was a great project to showcase what volunteers of all backgrounds can do for our community."

This event was hosted by Pastor Roy Baldwin and Tamara Klida to help residents on Harold Street. We would like to thank all the volunteers and organizations who gave their time and made this project successful.