Saginaw's Most Stylish 2019


The Most Fashion-Forward Way to Give


Saginaw's Most Stylish is Saginaw County's most fashionable fundraiser! Community advocates saught online votes of support beginning on September 30th and ending on October 23rd.

The campaign concluded with a fun, “fashion” show held on Thursday, October 24th at Horizons Conference Center. Each participant strutted down the runway, entertaining guests and collecting as many last minute votes as possible.

At the end of the fashion show, all amounts were totaled and added to the participant’s online votes. In 2019, United Way's Saginaw's Most Stylish event raised nearly $50,000! All proceeds from the fundraiser went towards the 2020 - 2021 lineup of non-profit programs that will help United Way reach the goal of lifting nearly 5,000 Saginaw County residents out of the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) classifications by 2029. 



2019 Saginaw's Most Stylish Contestants


Tim Donnellon - Saginaw's Most Stylish 2019 Winner

Tim Donnellon, who believes that sweater-vests are versatile, is the Director of Human Resources at Frankenmuth Insurance. Tim gives back to his community by volunteering with his church (Frankenmuth Bible Church), actively participating as a member of Frankenmuth Morning Rotary. He was also a past chair of the Frankenmuth Insurance United Way campaign. The title of Tim’s autobiography would be, "Unfinished," because he hopes to keep doing something good, and hopefully important, all the way to the end.




Kristen Opperman - 2nd Place


Kristen Opperman, who describes her style as functional, fashionable, and fabulous, is a Communications Liaison for Hemlock Semiconductor. Kristen gives back to her community by participating in Leadership Saginaw and volunteering at her school and church. The title of Kristen’s autobiography would be, "One Day at a Time.”




John Kaczynski - 3rd Place

John Kaczynski, who describes his style as sophisticated, regal, and traditional, is the Director of Governmental Affairs at Saginaw Valley State University. John gives back to his community through his public service. The title of John’s autobiography would be, ”Me.”




Michael Colby - 4th Place

Michael Colby, who describes his style as fair, kind, and rustic, is the President East Region of Isabella Bank.Michael gives back to his community by volunteering. He was the chair of the Saginaw Zoo and is now a board member for both Saginaw Promise and the 100 Club of Saginaw County. The title of Michael’s autobiography would be, ”The Redneck Banker.”.



Brian Keeler - 5th Place

Brian Keeler, who describes his style as simple, plain, and inexpensive, is the Vice-President of PreConstruction Services at Spence Brothers Construction. Brian gives back to his community by sharing his time and treasures. When Brian grows up, he’d like to be a retired healthy happy man.




Cathy Geiger - 6th Place & Fan Favorite Award Winner

Cathy Geiger, who describes her style as clean, classic, and comfortable, is the Director of Community Affairs at Associated Builders & Contractors and the Greater Michigan Construction Academy. Cathy gives back to her community by volunteering. Cathy also gives back by attending events put on by non-profit organizations, businesses, the area Chambers and more. Cathy encourages everyone to buy local when possible, and is always quick to cheer on and support her entrepreneur friends. The title of Cathy’s autobiography would be, "Plot Twist!”



Brian Pennington - 7th Place

Brian Pennington, who describes his style as “ladies love it,” is a Branch Manager for Wildfire Credit Union. Brian gives back to his community by participating in the community where he can. Brian volunteers at various events in town as time permits. The title of Brian’s autobiography would be, "The Man The Myth The Legend.”




Rachel Trumble - 8th Place

Rachel Trumble, who describes her style as simple, classic, and fun, is a Dietician at Rachel Trumble Dietician. Rachel gives back to her community by promoting health and wellness through volunteerism, education, and community involvement. She strives to be a positive role model to inspire others to be the very best they can be. The title of Rachel’s autobiography would be, "Where Do I Even Begin!”



Spark, the Orange Frog - 9th Place

Spark the Orange Frog, who describes their style as orange, orange, orange, is the happiest frog at the Saginaw Intermediate School District. Spark gives back to their community by spreading happiness and helping others. The title of Spark’s autobiography would be, ”Spark: An Orange Frog’s Journey.”




Sam Jones - 10th Place

Sam Jones, who describes her style as whimsical, playful, imaginative, is the President and CEO of the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum. Sam gives back to her community by being a kid at heart. The title of Sam’s autobiography would be, "A Laugh to Remember.”




Ralph Martin - 11th Place

Ralph Martin, who describes his style as reliable, committed, and passionate, is the Fire Marshal at the Saginaw Fire Department. Ralph gives back to his community by promoting life safety, volunteering as a mentor and reading instructor, and serving on various boards and participating in church activities. The title of Ralph’s autobiography would be, "If You Only Knew What I've Been Through.”



Rebecca Trylch - 12th Place

Rebecca Trylch, who describes her style as leopard print obsession, is a TV News Reporter at ABC12 News. Rebecca gives back to her community by taking part in meaningful events and causes. The title of her autobiography would be, "She Talks A Lot!”




Glenn Steffens - 13th Place

Glenn Steffens, who describes his style as Pow Zow-ee Whoop, is the Executive Director of STARS. Glenn gives back to his community by dedicating his career to government and nonprofit work.The title of Glenn’s autobiography would be, ”Merely Unconventional or Outright Insanity?”




Abby Scherzer - 14th Place

Abby Scherzer, who describes her style as fashion-not-function, is an Event Manager for the Alzheimer’s Association. Abby gives back to her community by encouraging regionalism and raising my daughters to become community leaders. The title of Abby’s autobiography would be, "Sorry for Nothing. Grateful for Everything.”




Neena Hogle - 15th Place

Neena Hogle, who describes her style as black, bold, and beautiful, is the owner and founder of Fearless Networking. Neena gives back to her community by volunteering, serving on Boards & committees, adopting all the dogs, and connecting people.The title of Neena’s autobiography would be, ”Fearless, Fierce & Unstoppable: How I Overcame Fear & Changed My Life.”




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