Homelessness Prevention

United Way of Saginaw County serves as the HARA and LEAD agency leading the community in partnership with the Saginaw Consortium of Homless Assistance Providers. 

Through this work we are Creating a community where EVERYONE can thrive, ensuring our community's most volunerable are cared for and eliminating the risk of homlessness for our people.

We work tirelessly to provide this direct supportive serve through a number of programs.  

Project Home  Through our work in Project Home we have reinvested into the community over $233,000 annually

CERA Through the work of CERA we have provided significant support to the community in ensuring our community's most vulnerable members remain stably housed but also providing support to the landlords who are business owners and rely on the income from their businesses to support their own families.  Over $15 million dollars reinvested into Saginaw County households providing financial support for rent, utilities (water, electricity, trash, sewer) and internet.  

Homeowner Water Assistance United Way of Saginaw County in partnership with the City of Saginaw worked tirelessly to provide financial support to those households impacted by COVID.  We provided financial support in assisting with water bill payments to avoid homeowner shut-offs.  Reinvested over $110,000 to local City of Saginaw Homeowners.  

Salvation Army Hotel Voucher Assistance In the event a family cannot obtain emergency shelter, United Way of Saginaw County provides Hotel Voucher Assistance to those families that meet these qualifications.  

Continuum of Care Coordination

HMIS Administration