Home Depot Volunteers Give Back


Home Depot believes strongly in volunteering to give back to their community. On May 6, more than 70 Home Depot volunteers showed Saginaw County what it means to LIVE UNITED.

After finding a local veteran homeowner, United Way Community Impact Assistant, Henrietta Watson, filed for a grant for this project and offered to help coordinate. After the grant was processed, the project began by assessing what the veteran homeowner needed to fully enjoy/utilize his home.

One Week One Street


The residents of Harold Street were pleased to see a collaboration of groups working together to clean up and fix homes in their area. "One Week One Street" is a week-long project hosted in June, designed to help residents in the city of Saginaw.

Between the areas of Genesee Avenue and Bagley Street, Harold Street was busy with hundreds of volunteers giving back and LIVING UNITED. The homes were impacted by the efforts of volunteers through painting, cleaning debris and minor repairs.