Project HOME


Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing

What is Project HOME?

Project HOME, Household Occupancy Maintained Efficiently, is a program through the United Way of Saginaw County. Grant dollars for homeless prevention and rapid re-housing have been received from the City of Saginaw, Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Project HOME continues to be an essential resource in our community for providing short-term emergency assistance with homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing. Through an Emergency Solutions Grant, low-income Saginaw County residents who are currently renting can contact Project HOME for assistance with rental arrearages, utility shut-offs or deliverable fuel fill-ups. Project HOME, in collaboration with the Department of Human Services, is then able to move these families into permanent housing, allowing them a new beginning in a stable environment. The program also partners with the City of Saginaw and Youth Protection Council as well as provides case management by teaching budgeting and life skills that will allow residents to remain self-sufficient.


Getting Started

NO WALK-INS WILL BE SERVED. All recipients must meet specific criteria. An initial assessment will be done by an intake specialist over the phone by calling (989) 758-4357. If the client meets minimum requirements they will be referred to our housing specialists on staff. Contact will be made to initiate a more in-depth screening process.


What Can Project HOME funds be used for?

  • Assistance with utility payments, deposits and arrearages
  • Assistance with homelessness prevention and/or rapid re-housing
  • Assistance with security deposits
  • Assistance with fair market rent


What is the current fair market rent rate?
  • Efficiency - $469
  • 1 Bedroom - $578
  • 2 Bedroom - $736
  • 3 Bedroom - $964
  • 4 Bedroom - $1,013


Who is elligible?
  • Be renting (home owners are NOT eligible)
  • Agree to allow all information shared to be entered into the Michigan Homelessness Management Information System data base
  • Be homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless
  • Commit to following a Housing Plan for self-sufficiency
  • Have received a decision of State Emergency Relief (SER) by the Department of Human Services
  • Have a household income that is BELOW 30% AMI (Area Median Income), illustrated below
    • 1 Person—$13,400
    • 2 Person—$15,300
    • 3 Person—$17,200
    • 4 Person—$19,100
    • 5 Person—$20,650
    • 6 Person—$22,200
    • 7 Person—$23,700
    • 8 Person—$25,250


What Can Project HOME funds be used for?

In preparation for your interview with our housing specialist, you MUST have the following:

  • Personal Identification (driver's license, state ID card, etc.)
  • Homeless Certification (eviction letter, shelter verification letter)
  • Judgment of Eviction
  • Utility Shut Off Notice (if applicable)
  • SER Decision Notice
  • Income verification (most recent pay stubs for ALL members of the household within the last 30 days)
  • Documentation of Disability
  • Documentation of Changes in Circumstances (pay stubs, utility bills)
  • Bank Account statements including CD and Investment Documentation
  • Social Security cards for ALL members of the household
  • Copy of lease
  • Letters substantiating requests for aid from other agencies or programs

Please DO NOT drop off paperwork without an appointment. Failure to supply all of the above documents that apply to your situation will make you ineligible to move forward with the application process. All recipients must meet specific criteria. An initial assessment will be done by an intake specialist over the phone by calling (989) 758-4357.